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Learn lean start-up methods, coding, UI/UX, & leadership skills

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2019 Summer Program

Summer Program 06/17/19 - 07/26/19

What’s a goal without a deadline?

In six weeks, students learn the technology and business skills required to develop a civic-oriented startup. The application and admissions process is competitive, curriculum learned in lightspeed pace, but the achievement is worth the effort!


No previous experience in business or technology required

Who Can Apply

Students enrolled in 9th-12th grade and attending high school in Santa Monica are eligible to apply.

Residency: Students enrolled in 9th-12th grade currently residing in Santa Monica, but attending a high school outside of Santa Monica are also eligible to apply.


Free of charge!

Admitted Students

Must be capable of learning advanced technology and business concepts while working in a fast paced environment.

Behavior Policies

Students are required to follow strict behavior and attendance policies for the duration of the program.

Attendance Requirements

Students are required to attend Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Alumni Requirements

Alumni are required to participate in annual alumni events and quarterly mentor meetings until their college graduation to maintain their active status.

Competitive Application Process

Application Period 01/01/19 - 03/15/19


Online Application

Application closes 03/15/19 11:59 pm


In-depth Interview

Applicant interviews 01/21/19 – 04/02/19


Review by Selection Committee

Admission decisions by 4/12/19


Admission Decision Letters

Acceptance & rejection notices emailed by 4/12/19

A blast from the past

Here's what our alumni have to say

Previous Teams

Our students have built 23 companies during our 6-week program

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People are talking about us

2015 - The Youth Tech Program has been designated as a “Bright Idea” by the Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. The Ash Center’s Bright Ideas initiative identifies and promotes promising government programs and practices so that government leaders, public servants, and other individuals can learn about these ideas and adopt initiatives that work.

2014 - Santa Monica’s Youth Tech Program ranked 54th in InformationWeek Elite 100, a list of the top business innovators in the U.S. Santa Monica was the only local government to obtain an Elite100 ranking, attesting to a level of IT innovation on par with Fortune100 companies. The program was also featured in InformationWeek’s article, “Twenty Great Ideas to Steal,” which encourages the adoption of successful business models.

2013 - Santa Monica’s Youth Tech Program received the Technology Solutions award from the Public Technology Institute. This award recognizes local governments that demonstrate how they use technology to solve problems, provide enhanced services to the public, and improve internal operations.

Program Staff

Our alumni have joined the team

Carla Fantozzi's picture

Carla Fantozzi

Program Consultant


Gary Carter's picture

Gary Carter

Founding Program Director


Jamila Haji's picture

Jamila Haji

Program Supervisor

2012 Alumni

Kevin Grossi's picture

Kevin Grossi

Lead Program Specialist/Lead Coding Instructor

2012 Alumni

Brownie Sibrian's picture

Brownie Sibrian

Program Specialist


Omar De Arcos's picture

Omar De Arcos

Networking Instructor

2013 Alumni

Kevin Tran's picture

Kevin Tran

UI/UX Instructor

2014 Alumni

Maanav Ahluwalia's picture

Maanav Ahluwalia

App Development Instructor

2016 Alumni

Leiloni Reynoso's picture

Leiloni Reynoso

Business Development Instructor

2015 Alumni